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5 Distinctives of Difference-Making Churches

Although it doesn’t take an advanced degree to determine that the church is in trouble, recent research findings confirm the continued decline of church attendance among Americans. The most recent data is showing that while the population continues to grow,

4 Secrets of Effective Evangelistic Churches

The numbers are alarming. Southern Baptists, once a leading denomination in evangelistic effectiveness, continue to decline year after year. The average Southern Baptist church now baptizes less than 2 people per year. To make matters worse, they actually increased the

Four Things Your Guests are Going to Notice

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! With the guests all arriving the greeters are thriving; we’re so glad they’re here It’s the most wonderful time of the year   Ahhh, Christmas is in full swing and this season

3 Proven Practices for Reaching the Unchurched

Recently a pastor asked me, “What are the top 3 to 5 things your church does to reach the unchurched?” I immediately thought about our DREAM strategy. It has guided our church for 17 years and has allowed us to

The Top 10 Posts of 2016

I had quite a bit of blog traffic this year coming from all over the world. I am thrilled that my posts have been a blessing to some fellow Christian sojourners. I am also deeply humbled that I was published

Why Your Church Should be Doing Bridge Events Instead of Outreach Events

Churches that have a desire to use an outreach event aimed at reaching their community for Christ struggle with strategies that are effective. Over the years I’ve seen churches (including mine) use big events that require a lot of time,

The ABCs of Empowerment

In my last article I looked at the 3 Principles of Effective Leadership. Delegation and empowerment are easier to write about than they are to actually implement.  For anyone who has ever tried it, you have also learned that there

3 Principles of Effective Leadership

When it comes to leadership, perhaps the most often used passage in the Bible is Exodus 18. This is the story where Moses takes his father-in-law, Jethro, to work with him. After a long day of exhausting work as judge, teacher,

8 Principles of Great Preaching

I’ve been listening to sermons for over 35 years now and preaching them for about 17. There are so many master preachers who have written volumes over the years on this subject and I have learned a great deal from all

The Top 10 Characteristics of the Average Unchurched Family

Many years ago when our church began revitalization, we prayed and asked God who He was calling us to reach. The answer we felt God impressing upon us then was to focus on unchurched families. So we created strategies and