Author: Brian Moss

5 Distinctives of Difference-Making Churches

Although it doesn’t take an advanced degree to determine that the church is in trouble, recent research findings confirm the continued decline of church attendance among Americans. The most recent data is showing that while the population continues to grow,

4 Secrets of Effective Evangelistic Churches

The numbers are alarming. Southern Baptists, once a leading denomination in evangelistic effectiveness, continue to decline year after year. The average Southern Baptist church now baptizes less than 2 people per year. To make matters worse, they actually increased the

Four Things Your Guests are Going to Notice

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! With the guests all arriving the greeters are thriving; we’re so glad they’re here It’s the most wonderful time of the year   Ahhh, Christmas is in full swing and this season

Processing the Pain of Senseless Evil

  “Sometimes something useless happens on earth. Bad things happen to good people, and good things happen to bad people…” (Ecclesiastes 8:14, NCV)   How To Respond to Tragedy   1. RELEASE MY GRIEF.  “They are blessed who grieve, for

3 Menaces of a Mob Mentality

What’s Everyone So Mad About? It seems the newest craze is to be crazy! Everywhere you look it seems someone is mad about something and they’re taking their anger to the streets. With signs waving and shouts screaming it feels

4 Ways to Embrace Every Race

  Recent events have reminded us that racial tension is alive and well in America. Tempers flared and sides are quickly drawn. The advances we’ve made in racial reconciliation over the last 50 years are fragile and easily shattered. Even

Ooohhh, you’re one of THOSE people!

My daughter recently shared this with me and it was too good not to pass on. So today, I’m sharing her story as a guest post. Hope you’re as blessed as I was when I read it.   A couple

Out of Africa (West Africa, that is)

OAK RIDGE INTERNATIONAL PEACE UPDATE The West Africa PEACE team just returned from our second PEACE trip to Benin and Togo and I wanted to share with you a little about our trip.   Togo and Benin are two small

3 Essential Elements of Mentorship

It’s seems the church world has gone leadership crazy. Everywhere you turn, there’s an article on leadership: How to Spot a Leader How to Be a Leader How to Build Leaders How to Lead Leaders the list goes on and

3 Ways We Make It Difficult for People to Be Saved

I came across an interesting story in my daily Bible reading. In Acts 15 we find possibly the most critical church business meeting in history. God was working mightily and the church was growing steadily. New believers were being added daily